Making the most of promotional gifts in your marketing

Marketing with promotional gifts

Giving away free gifts and promotional items has long been a popular tactic employed by brands to help cement customer loyalty and generate interest. It’s not rocket science to think that clients or customers will think highly of a business if they’re given something for free but it is important to put some thought into getting it right.

Before sending out free gifts to your clients, it’s worth considering how many key rings, coasters or USB sticks they really need. Frances, from a marketing company in Leeds asks: Can promotional gifts really bring in business? Well the answer to this is a resounding ‘yes’ and research carried out by the British Promotional Merchandise Association seems to back this up. A survey conducted by the BPMA showed that 56 per cent of those who responded felt more ‘favourable’ towards brands which sent them promotional items, whilst 79 per cent felt that promotional items would make them more likely to do business with a brand in the future.

Marketing Company LeedsWell thought out merchandise is key to the success of a campaign but with hundreds of promotional marketing products available – ranging from luxury items through to cheap bracelets and key rings costing just pence to produce – choosing promotional gifts can seem a little like a marketing lottery say

So what to choose? There’s a school of thought that says that choosing something that your clients will find useful is vital to the success of a ‘giveaways’ promotion. If you can find something of real benefit to your customers, something they’ll use again and again, your free gifts can become a relatively low-cost means of communication.

Research carried out by the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association)  has revealed that when low-cost items such as pens, mugs or key rings are kept by customers, they have the potential to deliver a cost of around one tenth of a penny per customer impression. According to the BPMA, this low-cost compares very favourably with other methods of marketing, including TV and poster advertising.

However, before you go ahead and order thousands of promotional pens, it’s important to remember than not any old free gift will do. To ensure success there has to be relevance to your brand or product. For example, a garage could give away car air fresheners or beer mats would work well for a brewery. Whatever you choose you need to find a reason for your brand or product to be in your customers’ space by selecting a gift that communicates your message through something they’ll use many times.

You’ll find that there’s a wealth of promotional gifts, gadgets and toys available to buy and order online but if you’re struggling to find the perfect item to promote your product or brand, seeking the advice of a specialist marketing company can prove worthwhile, especially if you are new to the world of product promotions. Whilst promotional merchandise and free gifts can prove to be a great way to enhance your business, it is possible to run the risk of devaluing your brand but tread carefully and you could be onto a winner!



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