Selling products to a foreign market

Selling your product or service effectively to a foreign market means translating your brand message dynamically for the target audience. A grammatically correct and accurate translation is rarely enough. In fact, when it comes to translation for the purposes of advertising your product in a new market, a translation which respects your original text in every […]

Get your signs translated…into gibberish

There are several apps on the market which claim to be able to read signs or other written versions of various languages. Why unless you understand how a language works, no app can ever replace learning a language from scratch, or just a good dictionary or phrase book. For a start, there are just too […]

Making the most of promotional gifts in your marketing

Marketing with promotional gifts Giving away free gifts and promotional items has long been a popular tactic employed by brands to help cement customer loyalty and generate interest. It’s not rocket science to think that clients or customers will think highly of a business if they’re given something for free but it is important to […]