Marketing Methods: Enamel Pin Badges

Custom Enamel Pins No Minimum Order

Custom enamel pin badges are a creative, attractive and cost effective way of advertising your brand or company. The process involve is very versatile meaning most designs can be recreated in enamel through either the hard enamel technique or the soft enamel technique. The creative scope for custom enamel pin badges also means they are a great way for artists and designers to both express themselves creatively and garner attention in a business sense.

KA Hard Enamel

Custom Enamel Pin Badge Manufacture

If you are new to the enamel pin badge manufacturing world, the difficulty is knowing which techniques to use, how to ensure your enamel badge design is recreated properly, for the correct price and to the proper standards of quality. Different enamel pin companies in the UK function differently to one another and have different criteria for quotes and/or orders of custom badges. Your best option is to obtain quotes from different companies to see whether the company you are thinking of using has the appropriate pricing structure, but a reputable company will have a well functioning and appealing website, where their prices probably won’t be listed.

Trust companies who want to open up a discourse with you about quotations, who are proactive where conversation is concerned and answer your questions promptly and clearly. Look for companies with plenty of product photographs that look professional but have a similar appearance to each photo, so that you know the pictures are indeed examples of the product they can produce. Companies like Badgebase who have a fantastic client base because they function in an honest manner, provide a brilliant service and produce a stellar product.

Enamel Pin Badges With No Minimum Order

Something else to consider is the minimum order for that company. Some manufacturers of custom enamel pin badges have no minimum order, which suits a smaller budget or if you just want to dip your toe in to the custom made enamel badge world. Be wary of companies offering custom enamel badges with no minimum order though as the process of enamelling normally requires there to be a run of fifty or more, otherwise the production cost per unit would be too high for the customer and profit margins would be slim to none.

Some companies offer a flexible custom pin badge minimum order which you would discuss with them during the quotation process, reiterating our point about a company who is flexible to their clients needs is a more reliable company on the whole.

Custom Made Enamel Badges are a timeless classic that will never go out of fashion, they can be whimsical or strictly business, highly creative or elegantly simple; but by knowing how to find the right manufacturer, you can ensure that your enamel pin badges look the best of the bunch.

McG Soft Enamel

Selling products to a foreign market

Selling your product or service effectively to a foreign market means translating your brand message dynamically for the target audience.

Translation for marketingA grammatically correct and accurate translation is rarely enough. In fact, when it comes to translation for the purposes of advertising your product in a new market, a translation which respects your original text in every way may actually prove counterproductive. Very often, what is needed is the translation of an idea, a concept or a wider message, rather than a translation of mere words. The way in which a brand communicates with its consumers varies from culture to culture and from product to product: advertising translation is a sensitive operation, and a potential cultural minefield!

The marketing mix

Many small businesses shy away from marketing and whether you’ve avoided getting to grips with marketing because you feel there isn’t any room in your budget it’s well worth bearing in mind that successful marketing can be done on even a tiny budget – provided you get the marketing mix right.

Marketing is not just about spending money: a proactive attitude and a few creative ideas can all help you reach new customers and broaden your business contacts. Before you embarking on a new marketing strategy, you may have to face the fact that you’ll have to step out of your comfort zone. Marketing is all about grabbing the spotlight and drawing attention to yourself and your businesses and if you’ve been avoiding marketing because you simply feel too shy or embarrassed, now is the time to give it a try.

So what makes a successful marketing mix? There’s no simple answer to this as when it comes to marketing, one size doesn’t fit all. The right marketing strategy for your businesses will depend on a range of factors and you’ll need to take into account the size and type of your business and your budget. The general principle of marketing for small businesses is that time, enthusiasm and energy make a far better investment than large amounts of cash. Start by setting aside one day each month to devote to marketing, even if this means spending your evenings or weekends working on it.

Social media marketing is an incredibly popular marketing tool for small businesses and it’s not hard to see why: social media marketing is free and the only investment you’ll need is your time. Just a few minutes a day on Twitter or Facebook will help you engage with your clients or customers, build an online reputation and tell people what you’re offering.

Creativity is another free and potentially very successful way to market your company. Write down every single marketing idea you come up with – no matter how ridiculous you think it sounds. There is a whole range of low-cost or free marketing options covering everything from sponsorship opportunities through to social media marketing or wacky publicity stunts. Let your imagination run riot and you’ll be amazed at what you come up with! You may well find that some of your best ideas – those all-important ‘light bulb moments’ – hit you in the middle of the night so carrying a pen and paper at all times is essential!

If your marketing strategy is going to work it needs to be consistent. Finding the perfect marketing mix to suit your business can take time and successful marketing is, by its very nature, tenacious. Marketing is essential in both good times and bad – the worst think you can do is turn you’re marketing on and off because if you’re committed to a long-term marketing strategy you’ll reap the rewards.

Before you spend any money on marketing make sure you do your sums carefully. Any marketing opportunity that may be offered – no matter how good it sounds – needs to be looked into and the costs calculated. Write down how much it’s going to cost you and then work out how much businesses you’ll need to bring in to make it worth your while. Whether it’s advertising, direct mail or networking, if the numbers don’t stack up you should walk away.

Finally, make sure you double-check and then double-check again the market for your products and your target audience. You need to constantly think about what may have changed in the economic climate: bear in mind that people will buy from you if they need your products and it’s important to remember that these needs can change. Keep this in mind and you’ll be able to develop a strong, relevant marketing strategy that’s designed to stand the test of time.



Get your signs translated…into gibberish

There are several apps on the market which claim to be able to read signs or other written versions of various languages. Why unless you understand how a language works, no app can ever replace learning a language from scratch, or just a good dictionary or phrase book.

For a start, there are just too many situations where a word has several translations. Did you know that “set” in English has 464 meanings in the Oxford English dictionary, the use of which depends on the context? And “run” has 396? You can’t just pick one, even if it comes up as a likely translation a third of the time because it will completely change what you are trying to understand.

There may be some cases where you can indeed “get the gist”, but if you need to depend on the result you may need one hell of a good imagination, especially when the word order is totally off and basic words may be misused or too literal.

There are also issues around fonts with many of the available apps. Some don’t work with unusual fonts or can’t handle damages to particular letters. Others struggle with backgrounds that aren’t plain. And at a more basic level, some of the apps rely on a pretty limited dictionary

Our verdict? A few of the apps could do OK with some signs, especially if the dictionary database has been specifically designed for signs, but we wouldn’t recommend using them for much else. For menus, newspaper articles and the like we would recommend an old school real dictionary or phrasebook for when you don’t have a clue what it’s trying to tell you.

For business translation from the written word? Just forget it! Its not what its meant for and it can’t cope with it. Instead search out a reputable workplace translator (like the good folks at who has experience in the language and vocabulary as well as the nuances or colloquialisms which go hand in hand with translations.


Making the most of promotional gifts in your marketing

Marketing with promotional gifts

Giving away free gifts and promotional items has long been a popular tactic employed by brands to help cement customer loyalty and generate interest. It’s not rocket science to think that clients or customers will think highly of a business if they’re given something for free but it is important to put some thought into getting it right.

Before sending out free gifts to your clients, it’s worth considering how many key rings, coasters or USB sticks they really need. Frances, from a marketing company in Leeds asks: Can promotional gifts really bring in business? Well the answer to this is a resounding ‘yes’ and research carried out by the British Promotional Merchandise Association seems to back this up. A survey conducted by the BPMA showed that 56 per cent of those who responded felt more ‘favourable’ towards brands which sent them promotional items, whilst 79 per cent felt that promotional items would make them more likely to do business with a brand in the future.

Marketing Company LeedsWell thought out merchandise is key to the success of a campaign but with hundreds of promotional marketing products available – ranging from luxury items through to cheap bracelets and key rings costing just pence to produce – choosing promotional gifts can seem a little like a marketing lottery say

So what to choose? There’s a school of thought that says that choosing something that your clients will find useful is vital to the success of a ‘giveaways’ promotion. If you can find something of real benefit to your customers, something they’ll use again and again, your free gifts can become a relatively low-cost means of communication.

Research carried out by the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association)  has revealed that when low-cost items such as pens, mugs or key rings are kept by customers, they have the potential to deliver a cost of around one tenth of a penny per customer impression. According to the BPMA, this low-cost compares very favourably with other methods of marketing, including TV and poster advertising.

However, before you go ahead and order thousands of promotional pens, it’s important to remember than not any old free gift will do. To ensure success there has to be relevance to your brand or product. For example, a garage could give away car air fresheners or beer mats would work well for a brewery. Whatever you choose you need to find a reason for your brand or product to be in your customers’ space by selecting a gift that communicates your message through something they’ll use many times.

You’ll find that there’s a wealth of promotional gifts, gadgets and toys available to buy and order online but if you’re struggling to find the perfect item to promote your product or brand, seeking the advice of a specialist marketing company can prove worthwhile, especially if you are new to the world of product promotions. Whilst promotional merchandise and free gifts can prove to be a great way to enhance your business, it is possible to run the risk of devaluing your brand but tread carefully and you could be onto a winner!